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Why We Love E-signing (And You Should, Too)

May 24, 2016

Why We Love E-signing And You Should, Too

Businesses have traditionally used paper-and-pen signing for documents. This method, though still effective when used properly, is outdated. E-signing is a better solution for many industries, particularly the real estate business. We believe in the capabilities of e-signing and how it can change your business for the better.

How E-Signing Can Help Your Business

    • Quicker delivery and response time: Instead of mailing documents, e-signing lets you send papers electronically. No more postage and trips to the post office! With e-signing, click a button and send what needs to be signed on its way. You’ll also get documents back quicker for the same reasons you sent them out faster. Signing a paper document is no guarantee it will be mailed back to you the same day, week or even month.
    • Save money: The cost of mailing documents may seem trivial when looked at individually, but adds up as you send more papers through the mail. This study suggests e-signing can save your business up to $20 per document. If you usually mail 20 documents per week, e-signing could save you almost $21,000 annually.
    • Increase employee productivity: Handling, sorting and filing papers takes time, but at least one employee has to do it. There are many better things your employees could be doing with their time. E-signing eliminates the need to spend tedious admin hours on paper-based tasks.
    • Incorrect dates: People make mistakes, and you’re eventually bound to receive signed documents dated incorrectly. If you’re using traditional mail, you’ll have to pay for postage (again) and wait for the documents to get returned (again.) This can be particularly problematic if you already waited a long time to receive the documents initially. With e-signing, you can send documents with errors back almost immediately and receive the corrected forms much quicker.
    • Misplaced papers: If papers get lost in the office, they’re usually gone for good. That means you’ll have to re-send anything you need to have signed and hope the misplaced papers didn’t fall into the wrong hands. E-signing eliminates the hassle of lost documents because they are often located somewhere in the recipient’s email. Even if that email was deleted, getting replacement papers is as simple as re-sending electronically.
    • Unauthorized viewers: There’s no telling how many people who aren’t supposed to see paper documents can catch a glimpse one way or another. A document could be left on the copy machine, printer or desk for passers-by to see. With e-signing, the document will be very difficult for unauthorized viewers to see, because it will only be sent to the parties it pertains to. Of course, email mistakes do happen, but they are less frequent than paper mistakes.
    • No more file cabinets: Ok, you might have to keep some file cabinets, but e-signing offers the opportunity to reduce the number you need. Using documents electronically allows them to be saved on a server; server space is much more efficient than roomfuls of file cabinets. You might be able to save on rent and move to a smaller office instead of paying more because of all the file cabinets you have.
    • Flexibility: For customers, the ability to sign documents wherever, whenever is a great thing. Businesses should make it as easy as possible for their customers to do business with them, and providing customers with the convenience of signing documents electronically is a great start. The same is true for employees. Company documents can be signed quickly and sent electronically where they need to go. Employee morale can sour if they are asked to spend too much time on menial, administrative tasks.

These are just some of the reasons why we love e-signing and why it can benefit your company. formsRus provides e-signing solutions for businesses in the United States and Canada. For more information, please contact us today!

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