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When Should I Invest in a Paperless Office?

February 17, 2016

invest in a paperless office

If you feel like your office is drowning in paper, it’s time to consider an investment in a paperless office. Going paperless can do wonders for your business’s processes, procedures and, ultimately, its bottom line.

The question facing many businesses is not if they should go paperless, but when to go paperless. It’s not an easy question; the answer is different for every business. However, there are a number of telltale signs it’s time to make the switch.

Signs You Should Invest in a Paperless Office

  • Competitors have made the transition: Business is competitive. Everyone is trying to get an edge over the competition. Your competitors have an edge over you if they’re paperless and you’re not. It’s time to eliminate that edge.
  • Paper expenses getting out of control: It’s a well-known fact that paper is expensive. Time to take a close look at just how much you’re spending—and how much you could save by going paperless.
  • Office falling behind in technology: People want to work with the best, brightest and newest. If your office is using technology customers perceive to be outdated (or have eliminated in their own offices), you won’t look your best.
  • Excessive number of file cabinets: Does it feel like a forest of file cabinets in your office? If so, it’s time to transition to paperless. File cabinets take up valuable space that can be better used to grow your business and better serve its customers. Having too many file cabinets makes it difficult to find documents once stored; employees will waste time on scavenger hunts for papers.
  • Poor customer service: If you’re noticing an uptick in the number of customer service complaints, this could be a sign you need to switch to a paperless office. Paper-based offices tend to have slow service. Customers have to be placed on hold while staff searches through piles of paper to find what they are looking for. This problem can be mitigated with a paperless office and software designed to locate documents.
  • Shrinking office tables: No, not literally. But if you’re noticing the amount of desk space in your office decreasing because papers are piling up, consider it a sign you need a paperless office. Soon, you won’t have any desk space—just a mini skyscraper of papers!
  • Losing documents: It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare. You misplaced a crucial document and have no way of knowing where it is. This is especially true with paper documents. Once you misplace it, it’s often lost. With a paperless office and tracking software, you’ll always know where your documents are.
  • Low efficiency and productivity: One of the biggest time-wasters in the office is mindless searching for papers. Paperless offices can put hours of time back into your employees’ weeks by converting wasted hours into productive hours. If you’re wondering why a 7-hour-job is taking 12 hours, always consider the amount of time wasted by searching for papers.

If any or all of these things are happening in your office, it’s time to give serious consideration to a paperless office. FormsRus has great paperless office solutions for companies of all sizes. For more information on our paperless office services, contact us at (800) 955-6284.

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