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Selecting a Secure Software That Meets All Your Needs

October 22, 2015

Selecting Secure Software

It can be scary choosing an electronic software. There are security and quality issues to worry about. It would be devastating to choose the wrong software. There are a multitude of things to consider when choosing an electronic software.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing Online Software

While there are hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of things to ponder before signing up for electronic software, there are five that are most important.


This should probably be the most important factor in your decision. What’s the point of investing in “secure” electronic software if it isn’t actually secure? Reviews, testing and trials can help you correctly evaluate the security of the software. Make sure you feel confident in the level of security offered!


Any software you choose should work with all your systems and devices. It is often a big investment in electronic software. You don’t want to choose incompatible software and have to upgrade or replace your hardware. Always read and double check the technical specifications before making a final decision.

Ease of use

This goes for both you and your clients. People want something that won’t confuse them. You’ll likely lose customers if your software is complicated; they might go to another company offering easier-to-use programs. It is also important the software be easy for you to use. You might as well not spend the money if you won’t be able to use your electronic software.


In both branding and integration, you want to be able to make the software your own. You should be able to make the user interface fit your brand. Additionally, it should make sense to use the software in your company where you want to use it. Don’t force software into the company if it won’t fit.

Capable of authenticating e-signatures

Without this feature, the effectiveness of the software is diminished.

FormsRUS offers software that meets these requirements. For example, we offer secure, online interactive forms that can be filled out on any device with any browser. These forms are great for dental and medical offices! Additionally, we can integrate e signing with the forms; this allows businesses to fully automate contracts, applications, leases and more. Contact us today to find out more!

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