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How E-Signing Can Change Your Real Estate Business

June 29, 2016

E-Signing For Real Estate

E-signing is an electronic alternative to signing documents with paper and pen. The use of technology for business purposes is growing—and e-signing is one of the fastest-growing segments. What makes e-signing appealing?

  • Office becomes paperless: When you transition to using e-signing, you can also make the switch to a paperless office. A paperless office means you can save on printing costs & make your filing systems easier to navigate. In other words, a paperless office will have a positive effect on your bottom line.
  • Save on overhead: This ties in with switching to a paperless office. Not using paper for every process means you can move to a smaller office space and permit your employees to telecommute. You could save thousands of dollars per year on rent as a side effect of your paperless office.
  • Better serve your clients: Customers love convenience. It’s easy for them to sign contracts or documents when they have a free moment and the signed paperwork is automatically emailed to all parties in the transaction.

Everyone who has ever participated in a real estate transaction, whether signing a lease or buying a home, knows signatures are often the biggest hassle. It creates problems for both the agent and the signer if a signature is missed; this situation often turns into a wild goose chase to get the missing signatures.

How does e-signing solve problems with the real estate business? It’s simple! The agent can email what needs to be signed to the client. At his or her convenience, the client can read and sign the document in the necessary places. Some e-signing programs include functionality that alerts the user to missed signatures, reducing the chances of an incomplete document being returned. Does software like this sound like something that would help your real estate business? Contact formsRus for more information. We provide e-signing for clients in the United States and Canada—and a majority of our clients are in the real estate business.

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