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How File Hosting Can Help Your Business

November 24, 2015

Document Storage

We live in a world of large amounts of data. Files are everywhere, both for business and personal use. You need these files to be secure; file loss can be catastrophic. In order to prevent this type of loss, you need to have a form of backup. One of the most popular forms of document storage is file hosting.

A file hosting service, as the name implies, is a designed to host your files. The files are then made accessible from the internet via whatever device you may be using: computers, laptops, tablets, phones and the like. It is extremely convenient for both businesses and professionals.

There are a number of advantages with file hosting. Consider the following items when deciding about whether to use an online backup:

Advantages of File Hosting:

  • Pay for the storage you use: With file hosting, you’ll only pay for the space you use. This is different from a hard drive, for example. With a hard drive, you’ll pay for the whole thing—regardless how much space you use.
  • Indirect cost savings potential: You don’t have to only use online backup. You can still store some data on a hard drive or other storage device. However, storing data online has indirect cost savings potential because local storage is more-easily destroyed. Online storage can indirectly save you money because it is easier to recover in case of a disaster.
  • Security: Online storage is often more secure than other forms of data. If you store data locally and have a disaster (such as a fire), the data can be lost. This type of disaster is impossible with online data; even if your office burns down, you can recover your data online.
  • Automation: Have you ever put off backing up your data? Most people have done this at least once, and many people do it regularly. With online storage, just choose when you’d like the data backed up and it gets done! Most people choose to do this at night or when the computers are not being used.
  • File syncing: Enjoy the convenience of having your files synced across devices. Work on your computer and take the work with you on your tablet and smartphone.
  • Recovery: Regardless of the type of disaster, you’ll have backups of all files so you can restore them and get back to work quickly.

The next time you need data backup, consider using a file hosting service rather than local storage. Contact us today to find out more!

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