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Benefits of Web-Based Faxing

February 25, 2016

benefits of web-based faxing

Is your business still using a traditional fax machine? You might be surprised to learn there is a better way to get the same results, but at a lower cost. This method is web-based faxing. There are several key benefits associated with web-based faxing.

Benefits of Web-Based Faxing

  • Affordability: A standard fax machine requires a phone line, which is a business expense. You’ll also have to pay for machine maintenance and toner refills. These expenses add up over time and can sometimes be unexpected. Imagine if your fax machine breaks. Is that a potential expense you’ve accounted for? Web-based faxing, because it only requires an internet connection and a device connected to the internet, has both fewer overall expenses and fewer unexpected expenses.
  • Confidentiality: A traditional fax machine might be used by several people. Are you sending a fax that is only for specific people? Your office fax machine probably isn’t the best place to send this information; it’s impossible to know who might accidentally stumble upon the document. Internet-based faxing is much more secure because the faxes are sent to a private email.
  • Green: Cut down on the amount of paper you use with web-based faxing. You’ll help the environment and save money spent on paper.
  • Convenience: To send a traditional fax, you need a physical fax machine. This takes up both office space and money. You also have to waste time waiting for faxes to come in. With an internet fax, you can continue working on your tasks.
  • Efficiency: If you aren’t using web-based faxing, you can only receive one fax at a time. However, online fax services can receive multiple faxes at once.

Additionally, web-based faxing can increase office productivity.

Web-Based Faxing Improves Productivity

  • Time management: Your employees will waste less time waiting for faxes to arrive. This time can be better used helping your company succeed.
  • Accessibility: Faxes can be sent anywhere, anytime from any device with an internet connection. If an employee needs to work from home, he or she can, and still send faxes over the web.
  • Less costly: With the money you’ll save by not having a dedicated fax line, fax machine maintenance and monthly bills, you can improve your company by putting the saved money into employee enrichment programs.

formsRus works with UFAX to provide web-based faxing solutions for its clients. For more information, visit or call us at (800) 955-6284.

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