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The Benefits of Online Forms and Electronic Signatures in Healthcare

September 27, 2016

The healthcare industry is rapidly changing in terms of regulations, legislation, costs, and other factors. With the digitization of healthcare, the efficiency of work processes, compliance, and privacy are all becoming increasingly important. What does this mean for providers and administrators? The traditional methods of storing and having documents signed by patients and employees for […]

3 Simple DIY Tricks to Getting Your Home For-Sale Ready this Fall

August 25, 2016

Say goodbye to the summer heat, sun-kissed skin, beach vacations, and BBQs galore because August is wrapping up which means these last 3 months of care-free bliss are quickly transforming into the fall season. Of course summer has its perks, but in the real estate market, fall is where it’s at. Fall is the best […]

How To Save Paper

July 25, 2016

One of the largest, and easiest to reduce, expenses for businesses is paper. Almost everything used to require paper, from invoices to sales documents to HR forms. In today’s world, with paperless technology, your business can significantly reduce its paper expenses—increasing your profit margin while keeping the environment healthy. Not sure where to start with […]

Challenges of Converting to a Paperless Real Estate Office

Real estate agents and businesses stand to benefit from using paperless and e-signature software. These tools provide convenience for both you and your clients. However, converting to a paperless office presents challenges. Before making the commitment to move away from paper, consider the following issues: Online security: You need to make sure your paperless data […]

How E-Signing Can Change Your Real Estate Business

June 29, 2016

E-signing is an electronic alternative to signing documents with paper and pen. The use of technology for business purposes is growing—and e-signing is one of the fastest-growing segments. What makes e-signing appealing? Office becomes paperless: When you transition to using e-signing, you can also make the switch to a paperless office. A paperless office means […]

E-Signatures For Real Estate

June 15, 2016

If you’re a real estate agent looking to improve how you do business, consider investing in an e-signature software. The real estate business involves plenty of paper—and with paper comes delays. It can be difficult to track down all parties necessary to sign the required documents to move further along in any process. E-signature software […]

Why We Love E-signing (And You Should, Too)

May 24, 2016

Businesses have traditionally used paper-and-pen signing for documents. This method, though still effective when used properly, is outdated. E-signing is a better solution for many industries, particularly the real estate business. We believe in the capabilities of e-signing and how it can change your business for the better. How E-Signing Can Help Your Business EFFICIENCY […]

What You Need To Know About E-Signatures

May 12, 2016

For many companies during the last 5-10 years, technology has become an increasingly important part of the workplace. Not only do employees expect the latest tech gadgets to make their jobs easier, but customers and clients expect technology to be used to make doing business with your company simple. One important technology you can start […]

Are You Aware How Much Paper You’re Wasting?

April 20, 2016

Excess paper usage is one of the biggest culprits of environmental damage from offices. Think about how much paper your office uses on a daily or weekly basis. Then consider how many paper products your office uses, such as plates or cups, on a daily or weekly basis. All that paper has to come from […]

Save Money and the Environment With a Paperless Office

April 13, 2016

Beyond the obvious money-saving benefits from switching to a paperless office, there are also environmental advantages. A simple change to paperless can not only save your company thousands of dollars, but also helps keep the environment thriving. Consider some of the following facts about paper, and how paper usage can negatively impact the environment. Facts […]

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