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Are You Aware How Much Paper You’re Wasting?

April 20, 2016

Are You Aware How Much Paper You’re Wasting

Excess paper usage is one of the biggest culprits of environmental damage from offices. Think about how much paper your office uses on a daily or weekly basis. Then consider how many paper products your office uses, such as plates or cups, on a daily or weekly basis. All that paper has to come from trees somewhere in the world. Every time a tree is cut down, the environment is harmed. With millions of offices in the United States, large quantities of paper are consumed daily.

Consider these facts about paper usage:

  • Paper accounts for about 35 percent of solid waste before recycling.
  • Paper accounts for 71.6 million tons of waste per year in the United States alone. For reference, a fully-grown polar bear weighs about 1 ton (2000 pounds.)
  • During paper manufacturing, harmful gases, such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide (which contributes to climate change) are released.
  • It takes more than 1.5 cups of water to make one sheet of paper.
  • 400 reams of paper is equivalent to about 1.25 acres of trees absorbing carbon for a year.

If your office is using lots of paper, you’re directly contributing to environmental problems. Cut back on your paper use by investing in a paperless office solution with formsRus. We work with clients in the United States and Canada who want to streamline processes, eliminate paper and better serve their customers.

Why You Should Use Less Paper

  • Save money: Though the expense of a ream of paper may not be great, studies have shown the true costs of that ream are up to 31 times the purchase cost when costs for storage, copying, printing, disposal and recycling are evaluated. In the long run, you might end up with a true cost of over $1,000 for a ream of paper.
  • More office space: When you reduce your paper usage, you eliminate the need for storage rooms just for paper and filing cabinets. Office space is one of the most expensive costs of owning a business. Don’t waste yours by hording too much paper.
  • Happier customers: People like convenience and speed. Paperless offices serve their customers faster and more efficiently. Rather than waiting for your sales staff to dig through piles of paper for the necessary forms, you can send the paper to a customer via email, saving the need and time for digging and printing.
  • Return on investment: Of course, there are expenses that come with transitioning to a paperless office. You might have to buy a larger server or file backup service. These are necessary to ensure you don’t lose any files. But over time, you’ll notice the money you were spending on printing, storage, mailing and other paper tasks will significantly reduce as your paperless office investment pays for itself.

Save the environment and your company’s bottom line at the same time. works with businesses in the United States and Canada on paperless office solutions. For more information, please contact us today.

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